About Nixon

Nixon is a technology company based on manufacturing saving centered products and services which focus on the harmony between electronics and nature and whose environmental impact is minimized.

Led lighting products reducing energy consumption to minimum level, basic electronic products relying on led technology and advanced technologies for transition projects are main scopes of Nixon.

International structure of Nixon allows it to offer fast solutions compatible with different country standards.

Nixon endeavors to integrate eco-friendly new technologies which decreases carbon emission level to minimum into human life through knowledge and experience with the motto bright future.

about nixon

Quality Policy

As Yağmur Enerji our main duty is to provide quality products and superior service to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and business partners. The company knows that quality is an indispensable principle to reach our goals and is at the forefront of every quality process.

• Providing quality service to customers,

• To work in accordance with the Quality Management System,

• To comply with the rules of ethics in all its activities and to be honest,

• Providing customer satisfaction,

• Continuous improvement of the system with the participation of all employees,

• Being a pioneer in innovations in the sector,

CONFIRMATION: 01.12.2016

Environment Policy

It is to keep environmental impacts in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations in order to protect the environment and to ensure continuity, and to continuously improve our environmental performance by reducing its effects and leaving this environment aware of the future generations.

• To provide continuous improvement by providing all legal and customer requirements related to the environment.

• To consider the environmental impacts in factory and office investments.

• To minimize all waste, to prevent pollution, to recycle as much as possible, to dispose of non-recycled wastes in a way that will not harm the environment, thus to reduce environmental impacts.

• To educate our employees, suppliers and subcontractors about the environment and make them conscious about the environment.

• By renewing Yağmur Energy Environment Policy in the direction of the conditions and developments of the day, it will ensure the continuity of the improvements and will be the followers of the decisions taken.

CONFIRMATION: 01.12.2016

Our Mission

To improve innovative and saving based products.

To shape future with more economical and more eco-friendly products than today.

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Our Vision

To provide innovative products and services which facilitate consumers life and aim to reduce environmental impact and carbon emission.

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